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Welcome to Guest Agreement allows owners and property managers to create customized contracts specifically designed for short-term rentals. Created by an attorney, our license-to-occupy agreement protects owners from guests who damage property or refuse to leave, lawsuits from injuries and a host of potential problems. Customized for each property, our agreement is easy to use, created and stored online and takes only minutes to complete.

Our Contract is a License-to-Occupy

What is a license-to-occupy and why is it the perfect agreement for a vacation rental?

A lease is used when an owner rents a specific property to a tenant for long term use. The tenant usually provides their own furniture, is typically responsible to pay all of the utilities, and is granted exclusive use of the property. A license-to-occupy is used when the owner provides a guest with a completely furnished property for a short period of time (usually less than 30 days) and pays all of the utilities and other charges necessary to occupy the property.
Use of a lease usually creates a landlord/tenant relationship between the parties. The landlord/tenant relationship creates significant obligations on the owner and gives rights to the tenant. If the tenant refuses to leave at the end of the lease term, the owner must take them to court and have them evicted, which can take months to complete and cost the owner thousands of dollars.
A license to occupy gives temporary permission to use property that belongs to another. A license is revocable at the will of the licensor (owner), and creates no legal interest in the property. This means an owner can usually remove a guest from his property without the necessity of going to court if the guest violates any of the terms of the agreement.
Our agreement contains the language necessary to create the licensor/licensee relationship.

Why Do I Need a Contract
What is at Risk?

If you are not using any contract for your short-term rental, you are putting yourself at an unnecessary risk. If you currently use a lease agreement you’re subjecting yourself to the obligations of landlord tenant law, including going to court to remove unwanted guests…

What Should I Know
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